About us

Edil Franco | Services and construction for trulli lamia and farms

Restructuring, seeking beauty, bringing it back to light and respecting tradition, comfort, well-being and energy efficiency.

Cosimo franco

Since he was a child, Cosimo has moved between stones and red earth, in love with this area.
After finishing the third year of middle school, he did not appear at the start of the first year of Accounting, a higher institution to which his parents had enrolled him. The professors deserve to continue their studies, but nothing. First absence, first trowel, first float: we start, the first job, the first experiences!
45 years have passed since that day, all well tattooed on the skin, yet the passion of the first day is evident and still burning.
A path made of experiences, knowledge, friendships and openings to the world. Of enthusiasm in starting a new project, of curiosity in knowing and listening. Seeing satisfaction and happiness moving in the eyes of every new customer has always been Cosimo’s only source of wealth.

foto papa nei trulli

our company: edil franco


Attention to detail

Edil Franco Services is an artisan company specialized in the construction and renovation of trulli, lamias, farms, palaces and historic buildings and apartments. We create indoor and outdoor artisan pools in salt water with the attention to adapt them to the context.

All collaborators are involved in this process, every abandoned ruin is brought to light with commitment and in full respect of the tradition, nature and history of the place.


beauty, efficiency and savings

Over the years we have made our creations energetically modern. Through the creation of thermal coats, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, we equip our works with technology capable of exploiting renewable energy resources that allow you to save on consumption and respect the surrounding environment.


A story made of work, tradition and innovation, love and altruism.