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Redeveloping your property by paying attention to aspects related to energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important and strategic. The advantages are varied:

01. saving

Reduction of costs in energy and gas bills every day, every day

02. Building

avoiding the creation of thermal bridges counteracts the formation of mold and condensation reducing maintenance costs

03. Cheap

The real estate value of buildings increases on the market

04. Comfort

The systems work by maintaining constant and uniform temperatures in all environments both in summer and in winter, maximizing living well-being

05. fiscal

The works give access to a series of tax deductions that allow to amortize costs more quickly than a traditional restructuring

06. Environment

Its consumption reduces production of CO2 and PM10 with positive repercussions on the future of our planet

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So what are the interventions to be carried out?

The cap

Vertical and horizontal thermal coat, low dispersion fixtures;

on implants

photovoltaic systems, solar thermal, high efficiency boilers, heat pumps, led lighting


01. Thermal coat

Coating of insulating panels (mineral wool, polystyrene, corks, etc.) which is applied on the external walls of the existing facade. It allows you to limit the heat loss of the building by reducing the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer. It also protects the envelope from creating thermal bridges by hindering the creation of mold and condensation.

02. Low dispersion fixtures

Replace the old windows with high efficiency windows consisting of thermal break frames, double or triple low-emissivity glass. These materials hinder the dispersion of temperature between the inside and the outside.

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03. Photovoltaic systems

Electrical system that allows you to transform the light emanating from the sun, which in the SOUTH is present in abundance, into electricity. Photovoltaic systems can be installed on the attic (string or sail), on a pitched roof, on an existing or non-existing canopy, a canopy, etc. The technical feasibility is checked during the inspection. A typical photovoltaic system is composed of: photovoltaic modules, inverters, support structures and other accessories such as cables and electrical panels.

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04. Heat pumps

Electric machine capable of producing air or hot water, for air conditioning or for domestic sanitary use. Unlike other electrical appliances, such as resistance heaters or water heaters that use electricity to produce heat directly, a small amount of electricity is used in the heat pump to absorb heat from a cold source such as outside air or ground water. Thanks to this principle, the heat pump pours more heat into the building than is “available” in the electricity used (even up to 5 times in certain conditions), drastically reducing costs compared to a traditional natural gas or diesel boiler.

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