building services
specialized in trulli
lamia, farms historic buildings

Edil Franco Services is an artisan company specialized in the construction and renovation of trulli, lamias, farms, palaces and historic buildings and apartments. We create indoor and outdoor artisan pools in salt water with the attention to adapt them to the context.

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renovations trulli lamie masserie

We take care of all the phases of the restructuring: inspection to view the state of departure of the structure, evaluation of potential, processes in full respect of history and tradition.

construction and maintenance of swimming pools

Design and construction of traditional and salt water swimming pools.
Scheduled and customized maintenance of the system which includes: plant opening and closing activities, cleaning, analysis and water management.

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Projects for sale

We have trulli with swimming pool or other types of properties for sale and under construction that can be adapted to suit the tastes and needs of our customers.

property management and maintenance , Alarms

On-call maintenance interventions for building, electrical and hydraulic works. Painting, verification and start-up of plants at the beginning of the season.
Alarm Maintenance of counter activation for centralized radio-alarm system operation

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gardening , care and harvesting farmland

Management and maintenance of plants, lawn and cleaning of access areas and structure embellishment. Watering management.
Agricultural land management throughout the year. Plant preparation, fruit picking (olives, almonds, figs, etc.), production sharing.

energy efficiency

Beauty and efficiency go hand in hand.

customized quality

We will offer you ad hoc projects and solutions that bring together beauty in finishes and the best energy efficiency solution for your property.

Valuable services

Day after day you will be able to experience economic savings of up to 60% on your current consumption of gas and electricity.

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